Music is a vital part of TKA’s identity. We have had numerous volunteer musicians and singers over the years that help elevate music at TKA. Here, music is more than “just” songs we sing at services; at TKA music enhances the entire Jewish environment and spiritual journey for us all. The choir continues to amaze and inspire all listeners and make TKA proud. Our musical legacy and energy remain a vital part of the Temple fabric.


The TKA volunteer choir is a warm and friendly group of people of all ages, as well as different levels of musical and Hebrew experience. Throughout the year, we join our voices together to sing for special services and events in the life of our temple and our members:

  • High Holy Days
  • Hosting musical guest artists
  • Annual Volunteer and Board Installation Shabbat
  • Choir Shabbat
  • TKA Band Shabbat
  • Special events

Our music ranges from traditional to contemporary – we truly have something for everyone. We are proud of the exciting and energetic musical elements our choir brings to our worship services!

Please contact us at 248-661-0040 or email for more information on upcoming events or how to participate.

Shabbat Live Band

Musicians of all ages are invited to join the TKA Band. We play at several services throughout the year. Some experience is expected, but you don’t need to be an expert! Our current roster includes middle schoolers to retired professionals. We play a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary to a little bit of rock and roll.

Please 248-661-0040 email for more information on upcoming events or how to participate.




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