Temple Kol Ami Welcomes You!

We are delighted that you are considering making our home your home.

  • Your life and the life of our congregation will be enriched when you join our warm and caring community.
  • TKA is a place for Jewish self-expression, prayer, learning, and celebration.
  • We are also a family, a shared community of concern. When you have a simcha, we share your joy. When you need strength and comfort, we are there with you.

Click here to download our membership application. You can also download our Membership Brochure.

All are welcome! Jewish singles and couples; single-parent and two-parent families; interfaith couples and families; Jews-by-choice; and LGBT singles and partners.

Please call the temple office at 248-661-0040 or fill out the contact form if you have any questions. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you.


Pledges, Not Dues

In 2012, Temple Kol Ami became one of the first synagogues in the nation to scrap its dues system and replace it with a pledge system. What does this mean? Instead of paying an assigned, fixed dues amount, you pledge the amount you wish to contribute as your annual financial commitment. It was such a novel idea that the New York Times wrote a story about it! Click here to see TKA featured in the New York Times.

  • Each year, TKA leadership provides a recommended target range for the entire congregation.
  • Most congregants choose to pledge in this range.
  • Some choose to contribute more, and some pledge less.
  • Pledges are strictly confidential, no need to appeal for reduced dues.

The funds from these pledges form the basis of our annual operating budget. Other standard fees–Religious School tuition, Bar and Bat Mitzvah fees and the Building Fund continue to remain separate obligations. The bottom line is, your pledge—a gift from your heart, an investment in your Jewish future– is up to you.

How is this great experiment working? Congregants tell us how much more meaningful it is to pledge what they are able to pay, as opposed to paying what they are told to pay. Those who are able to pledge above the recommended range perform the Mitzvah of helping provide the ability for anyone to be part of our TKA family.