Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting, integrating, and retaining members. We reach out to new members and try to help create connections and community through events and activities. We plan activities like prospective member events, special Shabbat services, home hosted dinners and speakers for our Bagels and Basics series. These activities are designed to appeal to all ages.

Also popular are our potluck dinners enjoyed after our 6pm Simply Shabbat Services and spaced throughout the year. One such special service is Shabbanukah, where we celebrate Chanukah Shabbat in the sanctuary. After the musically oriented service, all the families light Chanukah candles and enjoy a latke meal together.

The Membership Committee currently meets the first Sunday of the month during Religious School. New participants are always welcome! The time commitment is minimal, and you can even sign up to help with a single event, or just make suggestions during the meetings.

Interested in joining our committee? Contact the TKA Office to be put in touch with the committee chair.
For prospective member information see our Membership page.