Our Philosophy:

Temple Kol Ami is a Reform congregation committed to Jewish values, education and spiritual growth. The Temple is committed to creating a warm, friendly, family oriented environment that is dedicated to providing a sense of support and community for all of its members while it seeks to strengthen the bonds of loyalty with Jews everywhere.

As Rabbi Norman T Roman teaches:

Participating in a reform Synagogue is a unique partnership, a covenant of trust and truth, through which each of us finds new insights into age-old problems as readily as we discover ancient insights into contemporary questions. Honesty, respect, sensitivity, warmth, flexibility, experience and personal integrity are the cornerstones of our Congregation’s ongoing pursuit for truth and a viable, dynamic faith for the 21st century.

Temple Kol Ami tries to provide the environment in which we can successfully blend our lives as Americans and Jews. Ours is a community devoted to scholarship, service, and sharing. We pledge ourselves to being a spiritually uplifting voice for progressive Jewish learning and leadership in Metropolitan Detroit.

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